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LabArchives is an Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN), an online version of a paper notebook, and it is characterized by a series of features which its paper analogue lacks:

  • remote access
  • search function across your notebook and files (by keywords, tags, date, etc.)
  • ease of collaboration (share your notebook, or only part of it, with your collaborators wherever they are)
  • links between data
  • and many more!

But see it for yourself! From Thursday 19th May for a period of two months (60 days) research staff and research students will have the opportunity to test LabArchives. You can already create an account to familiarize yourself with the ELN before the pilot begins. To create the account visit, select University of St Andrews from the drop-down menu and  log-in with your institutional details, you will then be guided through the registration process. If you already have an account you will be able to associate it with a University one. You can find more detailed instructions in Creating a LabArchives Account (pdf). If any problem arises, please, get in touch (

As this is a pilot, please do not save any commercially sensitive or patients/participants data on the ELN.

The aim of the pilot is to evaluate if such a tool could be beneficial for researchers at St Andrews. So, please, before starting the pilot, download and read the requirements checklist (Excel files below) and add up to 4 requirements that you would like the ELN to fulfill. Then, start testing LabArchives as extensively as possible and fill in the checklist as you go along. At the end of the pilot (31st July 2016), please email the file to Federica Fina at You will also be asked to fill in a brief survey on your overall impression of LabArchives and more generally of an ELN.

The first 30 users to start using LabArchives who provide their feedback* by the 31st July 2016 will be guaranteed access to a Professional Edition account with unlimited memory space for at least 12 months. (*Checklist below and short Survey)

Requirements checklists:

A follow-up webinar covering advanced features and answering users’ questions will  take place on:

For local assistance contact Federica Fina at or 01334 462343.