Research data & repository survey

The University of St Andrews Research Data Management survey is still open at

Research Data Repository Pilot screenshotWe would encourage you to complete the survey and help us:

  • baseline your current RDM practices
  • gather your requirements for RDM
  • raise awareness of Research Data Services
  • identify where and on what topics one-to-one meetings, training, etc. could be held
  • scope the upcoming research data repository requirements.

We have several responses so far (and a few meetings with researchers) and some interesting observations from these are:

  • the diversity of data types
  • the difference in size or amount of data files
  • the strong presence of non-digital data such as lab notebooks
  • RDM training is required across the board
  • awareness in funder requirements and RDM in general needs to be raised.

It’s hoped that some of these questions will be answered when the website goes live; and please remember you can email us at if you have any questions you would like answered on any aspect of Research Data Management.

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