How can I find out more about RDM?

TrainingA range of training courses on research data management (RDM) are available online, including:

Service What they offer
A JISC-funded service to collect and share Open Educational Resources (OER), Jorum has a wide range of materials relating to data management.
UK Data Archive
Training materials on managing and sharing data.
Digital Curation Centre (DCC)
Advice and practical help on storing, managing, protecting and sharing digital research data.
Digital Preservation Coalition
Specific training on digital preservation.
Online course designed for researchers planning to manage digital data.
Research Data Bootcamp
Short tutorial (approximately 30 minutes to complete), designed to introduce you to the concept of research data and help you to recognise the importance of good practice in managing research data in general and to apply it to your own research.

Discipline-specific tools

There are also some subject-specific training tools and materials available at:

DataTrain (Archaeology)
Creative Arts
Project CAiRO
Health Studies
Datum for Health
DMPsych (Jorum)
Social Anthropology
DataTrain (Social Anthropology)

Software-specific tool

Finally, Edinburgh’s MANTRA training tool also provides some invaluable information on handling data using specific software:MANTRA

  • SPSS
  • R
  • ArcGIS
  • NVivo

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